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What to Expect Rainier Maria Rilke

Our initial session is an opportunity to get to know one another a bit. I’m most curious about what is prompting you to seek therapy at this time, and so will ask questions to better understand what is happening and how you are reacting to it. I also will ask questions about your past, which can provide important context for our work together. The first session is a chance for you to ask questions as well, and we will set aside time toward the end of the session to discuss whether my approach to psychotherapy is a good fit for you.

Our focus in subsequent sessions will be on what is going on here and now. You may find that your experience in the present reminds you of your past, and at those times we will explore how these influence your current experience and choices, but our starting point, and the place to which we will come back, is the present. Deceptively simple questions to which we will return repeatedly include: What is happening? How are you reacting to it? What are the beliefs and feelings that shape your reaction?

This approach to psychotherapy draws on your innate capacity for self-awareness and is intended to assist you in both:

  • Expanding your awareness and understanding of how you are making sense of and experiencing life; and
  • Developing a greater capacity for just such mindfulness in your day-to-day life.

Out of such awareness comes a greater sense of possibilities, which is the basis for growth and change.


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